You drink coffee and jamra plus convert it into briquettes of charcoal

About Us

Established by 2022 , Jamra plus is an eco_friendly startup specialized in sustainable charcoal and
biofuel production from renewable raw materials such as coffee leftovers (spent grounds and
roasters) , sugar cans for diverse usage as heating and preparing food. We are a group of diverse backgrounds with same passionate soul , caring On environmental side, creating a briquettes of charcoal from coffee spent grounds and coffee roasters for heating and preparing food.

Our Team

Jamra plus team have same passionate soul caring on environmental side , from diverse backgrounds including Chemistry , environmental majors marketing major , which make us responsible to give the best quality for the customer.

Teamwork makes dream works

Our Products

Briquettes of charcoal with different sizes and shapes and special characteristics for heating and preparing food

Product 1

Jamra plus 1 : biofuel briquettes.

Description : free of chemicals , renewable raw Materials

Product 2

Jamra plus 2: charcoal used for preparing food and barbique

Description : free of chemicals , renewable raw Materials

our Portfolio

Jamra plus is not any type of charcoal but is an eco-friendly charcoal with high heat capacity, less harmful gasses emission, competitive price, remains for a long duration , easy to light, and easy to spark



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long Burning duration

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free of chemicals

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Easy to Spark

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competitive price

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renewable raw Materials

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Our product is Better burns faster lasts longer

What are we doing?

We Are Changing The Prespective Of Charcoal

Note : 10% of our profit will be specified for reforestation.

YES!!! We Do Care.

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Lebanon Beqaa


Phone +71634156



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